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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Catching up

Updated 7/9/07, see below.

Here's a bunch of quick updates.

Roofing work
As of today, Crown Roofing has finished their work at Station 2 in Mid-City. There's some reallllly shiny new copper gutters on the upriver side of the building (I could see them as I came over the I-10/Broad St. overpass, which is nearly a mile away), and I saw the road barricades being picked up this afternoon. Bollinger Quick Repair has returned to Station 2 to complete the rewinding work on the last motor in that station (out of four) to require repairs.

I'd also like to issue a correction to a couple of posts about the roofing work, specifically one on October 23 and another on October 15. In both of those posts, I said that work at Station 3 had yet to commence. In fact, I now believe that by that time, work at Station 3 was already done. Station 3 did not receive a completely new roof, but rather (I think) repairs to its cupola and guttering. I regret the error.

Pump station repair contracts going out
The Corps' New Orleans District has decided to keep most of its contracting work under wraps. Of the seven Orleans Parish pump station repair contracts that remained to be issued for bid and awarded at the beginning of November, only one has been publicly advertised. That is this one (I think):

OPS-10: Discharge Line - Basin Cleanout
Advertise contract: 11/22/06 (previously 9/9/06)
Award contract: 12/22/06 (previously 10/16/06)
Construction complete: 4/6/07 (previously 2/15/07)
Duration: 4.5 months (previously 4 months)

According to the Corps' 11/1/06 schedule, this contract includes work at Stations 6, 7, and 19, and Elaine. That's a little odd, because the 6/22/06 schedule we have for the Corps has this contract taking place at stations 6, 7, 17, and Pritchard. It's strange that station 17 is not included now, because according to the Sewerage & Water Board, that's where there's a problem with a "discharge line." On their own June 22nd update, the S&WB wrote about station 17, "No drainage pumping since the discharge line is broke in the closed position." It's also in the title of the presolicitation notice. Perhaps this presolicitation notice doesn't relate to contract OPS-10? Obviously, this is something that I'll have to look into a little further.

Other contracts have been issued recently, which is a good thing. As I mentioned in my last post, the two remaining bearing repair contracts have been issued, though we don't know to whom, or how, or for how much.

As I reported recently, both frequency changer contracts (actually subcontracts to Reeves Electrical Services) have gone to Bollinger Quick Repair.

As noted in the December 1st Corps newsletter, installation of permanent 60 cycle generators at Station 6 has also been issued to Reeves Electrical Services (RES) of Pierre Part, LA. I previously reported extensively on RES's connections with Cajun Constructors of Baton Rouge, a plugged-in firm if there ever was one. Is it possible the generators and frequency changer repairs are all part of the same contract? Who knows? the Corps doesn't bother to make this stuff public.

Still remaining (I think) are contracts for Electrical-Mechanical Repairs at 20 stations and Building & Structural Repairs at every station. I imagine these will be very big contracts, which means we won't find out about them until well after they're issued.

[Update, 7/9/07: See this post, now updated, for the latest on the Electrical-Mechanical repairs, the discharge line/basin cleanout, and Structural Repair contracts.]

Urgency, schmurgency
The New York Times noticed the lack of urgency and wrote about it extensively in their December 4th edition. The article's loaded with a ton of self-serving quotes from local Corps personnel. I'll be blogging about the article soon, but you can read it for yourself here (until it goes behind the stupid TimesSelect firewall next week).


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