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Monday, October 23, 2006

Pump station roofing update (with bonus rewinding update!)

This past week, I took another tour of pump stations to check on the little bit of work the Corps has deigned to put out for contract. I am pleased to report that the roofing work is proceeding swiftly. Here's the status at each of the seven pump stations with roofs being repaired by Crown Roofing Services of Kenner, LA:

Station 2: Soprema Lastobond Shield HT underlayment has been applied to three of the four sides of the roof. Once the underlayment is up, they'll be able to start placing the metal sheathing (at least I assume it will be metal, since that's what they've used at all their other sites). There's probably about two to three more weeks on this job.

Note that rewinding work of the final pump motor in station 2, pump "C," appears to be on hold while the roof is under reconstruction. Almost all of the major equipment inside the station, including the partially disassembled motor on pump "C," has been draped in plastic. Some of the rewinding work can be completed at a shop away from the station, but the rest must be completed on the motor in the station.

Station 3: Work has not started here yet, but probably will any day now.

Station 5: I was very pleased to see a great deal of work happening here. The old, shingled pump house roof has been scraped off, underlayment has been applied to all four sides of the roof, and sheathing is down on over the underlayment on two sides. Here's what station 5 looked like back in August:

And here is how it looked this past week:

I assume that rewinding work at this station is also suspended until they finish the roof, but I can't confirm that.

Only stations 2 and 5 have unfinished motor rewinding work.

Station 6: Work is complete here.

Station 10: As of Saturday, October 21, work is complete here. Here's how the station looked back in August:

And here it is this past week:

Look at that shiny new roof!

Station 11: Work here is complete. Here's how it looked before:

And this past week:

Station 13: Work here is very nearly complete.

When contractors are let loose on these jobs like roofing and rewinding, they do a good job. It is the Corps with their ridiculous lack of focus and cult of paperwork that is the problem in getting the Orleans Parish pump station repairs done.

Remember this key fact: $30 million still remains unspent on repairs to the stations, even though the funds were appropriated December 30th, 2005 and were officially transferred in February, 2006. As the Corps says, that's "phenomenal."


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