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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Roofing work continues

Yesterday, the Times-Picayune covered the roofing work at the pump stations - sort of.

They ran the following picture on the front of the Metro section:

These are Crown Roofing Services workers on top of the roof of Station 2 in Mid-City. The caption says, "Wearing biohazard suits and respirators, workers scrape and bag asbestos tiles as the begin repairs to the roof of the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board's Pump Station No. 2 on North Broad this week"

Crown has ripped off the shingles on all four sides of the roof as of today, and has placed Soprema Lastobond Shield HT underlayment on three sides of the roof. There is significant damage to the gutters and downspouts at station 2, so work there may take another three weeks.

Work has not yet commenced at Station 3. I do not know the status of work at station 5 since I visited there two weeks ago. Those are the other two stations on Crown's seven-station roofing contract, as I described a few posts back.


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