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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Massive security upgrades at 17th Street floodgates

Updated, see below

The Corps has installed an upgrade to address the security shortfalls at 17th Street, about which I've written twice (on September 29th and October 26th) . Here's a picture of the east side of the site where there's supposed to be a fence (the picture is taken from outside the construction perimeter of the site):

What, you can't see the security enhancements?

Let's zoom in to the highlighted area:

The top sign says "No Trespassing." The bottom one says "Authorized Personnel Only."

That's just as good as an eight foot tall fence with three strands of barbed wire.

[Update, 7/9/07:
The Corps eventually got its contractor to put up the fence where it belonged. It went up in November or December, 2006. This shot of the east drive platform from June of 2007 shows the fence in the foreground:

end update]


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