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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quick updates

Just a few quick updates...

Roofing repairs
The roof replacement at Station 5 in the Lower Ninth Ward has been completed. With this work finshed, Bollinger Quick Repair has resumed rewinding repairs on the pump motors in Station 5.

With the recent completion of repairs at Station 2 in Mid-City, this means that Crown Roofing has finished out their contract for roofing repairs or replacements at six pump stations: 2, 3, 5, 6, 11, and 13. They finished almost on schedule (just a couple of weeks late), and should be congratulated.

Bearing replacements
Bearing replacements on horizontal pumps have begun at Station 19 in the Upper Ninth Ward and Station 1 in Broadmoor, under this contract issued to IPS of Louisiana, which is headquartered in Kenner, LA. IPS is also going to be replacing bearings on pumps in Station 6 under this contract.

Discharge line repairs
There has been a delay in the issuance of the solicitation of this contract (assuming what is mentioned here is actually the discharge line repair contract called out as OPS-10 on the Corps' 11/1/06 schedule). The date of issuance for the solicitation has been pushed back from December 4 to December 22. The modification is here, and the original presolicitation notice is here.

Notable about this solicitation is the contact information. The people listed have email addresses in the Corps' Vicksburg office (the "mvk" in their email addresses, instead of New Orleans' "mvn"). We've seen this on the solicitation for the extra pumps out at the floodgates, on the notice for installation of those pumps on 17th Street, on the solicitation for the complete rebuilding of three St. Bernard Parish pump stations. In fact, in all three of those cases, the same person, Jack Little, has been assigned as the point of contact. Mr. Little also has an mvk email. It would appear the Hurricane Protection Office brought in outside help to expedite some of the repair work.

Winches on the floodgates
Here's a nice article from the Tulsa World about the supplier of the hydraulic control system for the winches mounted atop the London Avenue canal floodgates. It says the winches are due to be operational in January.


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