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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tip of the hat to the Corps - roofs finally being repaired

I visited pump station 11 and station 13 on the west bank of Orleans, as well as station 6 (17th St. canal) and station 10 (New Orleans East) this rainy afternoon. I am pleased to report there is massive progress in repairing the roofs to all of these stations.

I'm guessing that the Corps has either extended a pre-existing contract with Crown Roofing Services (perhaps the one listed on here), or signed a new contract with Crown, but has not advertised it. I'm kind of curious about the answer to that question. But I am sure that all the work is being performed by Crown.

However, the important part is that there is finally activity after over a year of waiting. At Station 13, there are two manlifts (aka "cherry pickers") - one with Crown Roofing's name on the side of it. It appears they are at the point in the job where they are ready to install the new sheathing. My guess is that work has been going for about a week there.

At station 11, the contractor (also Crown, I'd wager) has started mobilizing equipment. There is a manlift, a dumpster and two port-a-lets that weren't there a couple of weeks ago. The roof still appears the same from the road, but I didn't check the back of the building because of the pouring rain.

At station 10, parts of the old roof have been scraped off and new roofing underlayment has been placed. Gutters have been pulled off the north side of the building, but I didn't see any new ones on site there yet. There are traffic cones all over the parking lot with "Crown Roofing" written on them. There's about one to three weeks of work left there.

At station 6, there is a manlift and a dumpster (from the same dumpster contractor as all the other stations) full of boxes and cardboard from more roof underlayment. Since the portion of station 6's roof that is being repaired is flat, I couldn't tell the status of the work. But from the contents of the dumpster, I'd estimate two to three weeks of work to completion.

All this work appears to have started within about the last week or so, though I might be off.

I didn't see any work happening at station 3. I still have to check stations 2 and 5.

According to the Corps, those are the seven stations requiring roof repairs. The S&WB counts seven other stations in that number, including station 14 in New Orleans East. I did not see any evidence of work on that station's control room roof. I didn't see any work on the roofs at the I-10 station or station 7 - near City Park - either. I didn't check stations 20, 19, 15, or 2.

Keep in mind that the tarps are still in place over much of the electrical equipment under the leaky roofs in all these stations in Crown's contract, including the breakers and motors. This equipment has over 2000 volts flowing through it.

In any case, while it's awfully late in the game, my thanks still go out to the staff at the Corps' Hurricane Protection Office (whom I doubt even care what I have to say) for getting this work going. I'd also like to thank Crown Roofing Service for their dedicated labor. I am sure the pump operators are also grateful.


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