Fix the pumps

Thursday, September 14, 2006

How hard is it to fix a roof?

Here's an example of the lack of repairs at the pumping stations:

That's the roof on station 10, on Hayne Blvd. in New Orleans East. And here's the result:

Those are the starter breaker cabinets. There's at least 2000 volts flowing through those things. Notice the puddles.

What's really notable, though, is that the above picture is taken on a platform that's about 25 feet above the ground. This station was built to keep all the vital equipment from getting wet due to flooding, but it's still getting wet because the Corps has waited a year to fix the roof. Would you like to walk around that equipment when it's running and there's puddles forming?

Here's the outside of the station just a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, the roof is shredded:


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