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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Inspections from the other side, Part 2

The SLFPA-East's inspection reports from June, 2011 through the first two weeks of March, 2012 can now be found here. Previous reports - from January, 2010 through June, 2011 - are linked at this previous post.

After June 1, 2011, other than a couple of reports about the west bank debris problems, the Corps' hurricane protection work dropped way out of sight on the local media scene, which is likely deliberate. Generally if the Corps doesn't put out a press release on something, it doesn't get reported upon.

But work has continued since then, and new stories have been developing. Among them are more discoveries of debris in the dirt at east bank projects (including the outfall canal remediation projects), more of the Corps playing with the calendar (like in 2010) and declaring the 2011 hurricane season done a month early, and serious vibration and gear alignment problems cropping up with the large sector gate at Bayou Dupre in St Bernard Parish. In the case of the last one, the Corps appears to have had it with the contractor on the project - Tetra Tech - after repeated difficulties (theywere so late that liquidated damages kicked in) and just had them finish up everything else last month and left the vibration problem for a different contractor. I'll be detailing all this in upcoming posts.


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