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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Inspections from the other side

The inspection reports from the state-contracted inspectors on loan to the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority - West (SLFPA-West) have been invaluable in keeping track of the various storylines unfolding at the Corps projects on the west bank. I've personally spun out a dozen posts based on them.

The question has always been, "Why is it only the west bank flood protection authority has these inspection reports? What's the SLFPA-East been doing?"

Wonder no more. I've received the SLFPA-East inspection reports from January, 2010 through June, 2011. They are all bundled up in a single zipped file here. The file is huge - almost 800 megs - and contains about 1360 individual inspection reports and a handful of other related documents. The reports are organized by day and by inspector, with each day having up to five individual reports, each from a different inspector. If you can organize by the file path within your zipped file browser, it'll make it easier to view the reports in order. The inspectors seem to cover set geographical areas (St Bernard Parish, Orleans lakefront, etc), so each report contains information on multiple Corps projects. The inspectors were provided by PBS&J.

I have not reviewed all these files yet, but I wanted to make them available as soon as I could. Enjoy.


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