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Friday, June 24, 2011

Brief update on London Avenue pumps

For much, much, more information regarding these pumps, two others at 17th Street out at the same time, and the contracting and repair activities surrounding them - including pictures from Conhagen repair reports - see the previous post, "The 2011 pump rebuild scramble."

That post includes all the information on the last eight pumps to be repaired before June 1, 2011.

As I reported in May of this year, hydraulic pumps W5 and W6 at the London Avenue closure site were removed for complete rebuilding in late April, likely on the 26th. Here's the empty slots:

We can tell these pumps were pulled out because we can see the bottom flanges of the elbows unattached to any pumps below them. We also don't see the distinctive piping extensions added to the pumps in 2007, as we could on the adjacent pump W4.

I can report that W5 and W6 went back in at the end of May:

This means that 11 of the 12 hydraulic pumps at the London Avenue site have been overhauled due to severe corrosion of all their internals:

None of the contract documents received from the Corps as of July 13, 2011 indicate pump W2 was ever pulled out.

Also, it must be emphasized that the "reliability" shown in the graphic above only refers to the corrosion status of the pumps. It does not address any of the issues uncovered by Ms. Maria Garzino or myself.

Steve Beatty of The Lens contributed to this report.



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