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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Floodgate pump specifications

In light of some upcoming news, I thought it would be instructive to highlight two particular sections of the original Corps specifications issued for the purchase of the floodgate pumps from MWI. The first section deals with the Corps requirements for testing:
2.5 Pump Testing:
2.5.1 Each pump and hydraulic power transmission system shall be factory pressure tested statically to maximum design psi for a minimum of 90 minutes at design operating temperatures with every plumbing connection checked for possible leaks. In the event a leak is observed or detected, it shall be repaired and the test be repeated until all leaks are eliminated.
2.5.2 Each pump and hydraulic power transmission system shall be factory pressure tested dynamically to maximum operating speeds, pressures and temperatures for a minimum period of 15 minutes. The dynamic test shall be conducted in a horizontal variable speed dynanometer that is capable of varying torque loads from 0 to maximum required horsepower as specified.
2.5.3 The field test shall be witnessed by the Government. All plumbing fittings and hydraulic equipment shall be inspected again for leakage. Should leakage be detected or observed, repairs shall be made and tests performed again, until all leaks or losses are detected and repaired.
2.5.4 Full size factory testing shall be witnessed by the Government prior to shipment of the pumps. All tests shall be in accordance with Hydraulic Institute Standards.
2.5.5 Pump discharge and head testing shall be conducted in an open sump at the manufacturer’s testing facility in accordance with the Hydraulic Institute Standards and in the presence of a registered professional engineer. Data from previous pump tests, if available, can be furnished in lieu of new tests.

The second section is titled "Incentive:"
1.7 Incentive
The complete deliverable is required 104 calendar days from the notice to proceed. For each complete pump system (hydraulic motor, pump, drive unit, discharge elbow, and discharge piping) delivered and accepted by the Government 104 days from notice to proceed, the contractor will earn an incentive of $9,800 per pump per calendar day. No incentives are provided for delivery prior to 88 calendar days from notice to proceed. The maximum amount of the incentive for the 17th Street Canal pump system is $1,764,000. The maximum amount of the incentive for the London Avenue Canal is $1,764,000. The maximum incentive for the Orleans Avenue Canal is $1,470,000. For each pump system delivered after 104 calendar days from the notice to proceed, the supplier shall pay the Government as damages $1,700 per day per pump not delivered to and accepted by the Government.

MWI collected their $5,000,000 bonus, as shown on row 13077 (on the sheet marked "KATRINA CONTRACTS") of this government spreadsheet, which tracks all Katrina contracts issued by the government.


  • It looks like there are leak tests at pressure but probably near zero flow. And there are head - flow tests in an open system. It is not clear if there were and vibration monitoring at the factory.

    Also it appears the bonus is for shipping the pump on schedule. It is not tied to working in the field. How much did the 40 pumps cost?


    By Blogger franksplace2, at March 12, 2007 11:26 AM  

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