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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Corps paying close attention to London Ave canal

I just happened to be out at the Mirabeau Avenue bridge over the London Avenue canal on Friday afternoon. For the second time in less than two weeks, I observed Corps personnel out in boats looking at the inside of the walls along the canal south of Mirabeau.

On Friday February 9, there were three white Chevy trucks with US Government license plates and a fourth with Oklahoma plates parked at the bridge. I'm sure the Government vehicles belong to the Corps. The access gate on the west side of the canal was wide open, and a flatboat could be seen south of the bridge. The bow of the boat was pointed at the eastern wall the entire time.

On Wednesday, January 31, there were two white Government vehicles parked next to the same gate. This time there were two flatboats in the canal. One seemed to be on the shore of the eastern bank, in the same area as the boat on February 9. The other boat was left at the bridge after the gentlemen (undoubtedly Corps folks) closed the gate and left in the Government trucks.

For the locals in the audience, the area they seemed to be most concerned with is located just north of the large cell phone tower on the Dillard University campus. You can see that area on this satellite photo. From these observations, I'm guessing that it is the canal's east wall that is causing the most consternation, and which is also governing the Safe Water Level of four feet.


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